URLAND doet De Iedereen

URLAND DOET is a series of performances spread throughout the year. Not a regular theater show, but an evening with a raw character in which we push the boundaries.

This time, the boys feel challenged by the lyrics of an old Dutch myth, the Elckerlijc that begs to be set to a beat.


Concept and performance Marijn Alexander de Jong en Jimi Zoet
Text fragments from Elckerlyc, hertaling Erik Bindervoet (2016)
Graphic design Ruben Verkuylen
Photography Sandra Zegarra Patow
Styling Perrine Philomeen
Make Up & Hair Laila Sjer
Internship (sound) Felix Draisma
PR Esra J. Merkel
Production URLAND
Coproduction Theater Rotterdam

Special thanks to

Gemeente Rotterdam , Fonds Podiumkunsten

Played Venues

Theater Rotterdam