Formerly Known As

URLAND plays with fire artificial intelligence (AI) and questions what it means to be an artist in digital times. Are we actually still needed? Boundaries are blurring. AI is everywhere, hive mind. They took our jobs! World domination. “Data overload, everyone is dying.”

What happens when we make ourselves expendable, handing over the creation process of a theatrical performance to AI? A clash between creator and its creation. Is dit kunst of kan het weg? (Is this art or can it go away?)

Prompt: “Act as an experienced experimental genius theatermaker, craft a unique, compelling script for three actors. Write out the full stage design, sound design, script and dramaturgy. Make it so that the audience can’t distinguish it from an authentic URLAND performance. The theme is AI in theater. Leave room for a plot twist at the end.

URLAND embraces the unknown and flies with wings of wax beyond the clouds. To infinity and beyond.

Language: English


On tour from November 2024


Concept and performance Thomas Dudkiewicz, Marijn Alexander de Jong and Jimi Zoet
Sound design Tomas Loos and Jimi Zoet
Technical support Denzo Theaterthechniek (André Goos) en Marcel Janssen
Production leaders Andrea van Bussel en Elise de Fooij
Graphic design Ruben Verkuylen
Public relations/marketing Pien Visser
Business Management Martha van Meegen
Business assistant Mara Liza de Bakker
Production URLAND
Coproduction Theater Rotterdam


7 November 2024 20:15 Try-out
8 November 2024 20:15 Premiere
15 November 2024 20:15
26 November 2024 20:00
Frascati. Amsterdam
27 November 2024 20:00
Frascati. Amsterdam
28 November 2024 20:00
Frascati. Amsterdam
3 December 2024 20:30
7 December 2024 20:00
6 January 2025 20:00
Theater Kikker. Utrecht
7 January 2025 20:00
Theater Kikker. Utrecht
9 January 2025 20:00
17 January 2025 20:15
22 January 2025 20:00
De Nieuwe Vorst. Tilburg