URLAND doet De Empty Space

In URLAND doet De Empty Space, the collective experiments with AI as an artistic partner. Starting point: empty space. From there, artificial intelligence (AI) builds the performance, with URLAND as puppets.

We asked ChatGPT, “Write a script, based on URLAND’s previous work, about a collective experimenting with AI as an artistic partner.” We cloned our voices with a voice cloning software. From nothing, AI creates something.

Meet [insert name performance collective], an avant garde theater troupe. The story follows the troupe’s journey as they grapple with the integration of AI in theater, exploring themes of ‘creativity’, ‘human vs. machine’, and the ‘evolution of art.” URLAND embraces the unknown and flies with wings of wax beyond the clouds.

Language: English


URLAND doet De Empty Space is one of several research projects for Formerly Known As (november 2024). In this performance URLAND attempts to create something out of nothing. An ode to the birth of births. The trauma of traumas, reboot, restart, rebirth. Repeat.

‘URLAND doet’ is a playful series with experiments. An ode to that which is unfinished, the imperfect, the rawness of the working studio. No tour, but exclusively in Rotterdam. URLAND acts, because according to the collective, the answer to an issue often lies in the doing. The spectator becomes a participant and accomplice in a performance that may or may not be made. Together we grope in the dark.

One theme, three weeks of working, three evenings of performance. No words but deeds.


Concept URLAND
By and with Thomas Dudkiewicz, Marijn Alexander de Jong & Jimi Zoet
Technicians Denzo Theatertechniek (André Goos) & Marcel Janssen
Production Leaders Andrea van Bussel & Elise de Fooij
Photography Sandra Zegarra Patow
Grafic design Ruben Verkuylen
Public Relations/marketing Esra J. Merkel & Pien Visser
Business Management Martha van Meegen
Business assistent Mara Liza de Bakker

Played Venues

TR William Boothlaan