The UR triennial 2021

The UR Triennial is a theater festival held once every three years, during which performance collective URLAND invites itself to take a critical look at its own work. After the 2018 UR Triennial in which “the early works” were the focus, now, during this edition, it’s: “the firstborn”. The Gabber Opera is URLAND’s first production from 2010. Exclusively in Rotterdam from 8 to 11 September. That’s when URLAND will occupy Theater Rotterdam on William Boothlaan, with a side program that includes speakers, DJ’s, live radio, and other festival hubbub.

“Come into our midst now, Thumper, o, Thumper, Shake the Earth, mighty Jolter” (from The Bacchae by Euripides, 406 B.C.)

Performance collective URLAND is shaving their heads and taking a hardcore trip for anyone yearning for a theatrical extravaganza. The Gabber Opera is inspired by Euripides’ The Bacchae, and portrays man’s timeless inclination to sedate, and to see ecstasy. In a God forsaken landscape we see four bald nymphs; while intoxicated, finding what they’d lost, and losing what was theirs. A Grand Story about ritual, intoxication, and all-consuming Nothingness.



By and with Ludwig Bindervoet, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Marijn Alexander de Jong, Karel van Laere, Jimi Zoet
Production URLAND
Coproduction Theater Rotterdam
Light Design Varja Klosse in cooperation with Marijn Alexander de Jong and Karel van Laere
Costumes Theater Rotterdam Costume Atelier (Karin van der Leeuw and Erik Bosman)
Libretto based upon Euripides’ The Bacchae Annelinde Bruijs
Technicians Denzo Theatertechniek (André Goos), Marcel Janssen, Nathanaël de Rop
Production Leader Elise de Fooij
Context Program Production Leader Mara Liza de Bakker
Graphic Design Ruben Verkuylen
Photography Sandra Zegarra Patow
Public Relations Esra J. Merkel
Business Management Jens Besse

Special thanks to

URLAND is made possible by the City of Rotterdam and Fonds Podiumkunsten.

Played Venues

Witte de With, Theater Rotterdam