De Internet Trilogie

The digital natives of performance collective URLAND present De Internet Trilogie, an exclusive happening about the most interesting development of modern times.

The ritualistic triptych makes the (hyper) link between the myth of Prometheus and the modern digital fire. Prometheus stole the fire from the gods and gave it to mankind. Just as fire means both progress and destruction, so the Internet contains both the utopian promise and the dystopian decline. URLAND wants to go beyond good and evil, and that too is playing with fire.

URLAND plays with and uses all the tools that are currently available to the theater maker, from a motion capture system to the “Fanuc S-500”, and from Ableton to Word.

The Internet Trilogy is a collective digital trip in which the body is transformed and the future is made tangible. The rite writes the myth, of course on the analogue stage.

The Internet Trilogy consists of the parts: MS DOS / Prometheus geketend (2014), EXPLORER / Prometheus ontketend (2015, in collaboration with CREW / Eric Joris), and INTERNET OF THINGS / Prometheus Vuurbrenger (2016).


Concept and performance Ludwig Bindervoet, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Marijn Alexander de Jong, Eric Joris, Jimi Zoet
Dramaturgy Florian Hellwig
Costumes Kostuumatelier Theater Rotterdam
Production URLAND
Coproduction Theater Rotterdam, CREW
Technical coordination Aram Visser
Technology Koen Goossens
Production management Silvia de Vries, Sarah Steeman
Grafic design Ruben Verkuylen
PR & marketing Esra J. Merkel
Business management Jens Besse
Made possible by Gemeente Rotterdam, Fonds Podiumkunsten

Special thanks to

BesteBuren, Buda Kunstenscentrum, De Coproducers, Denzo Theater techniek (André Goos, Jorg Schellekens, Peter Swikker), Dreamspace, Elsemarijn Bruijs, Elize de Mul, Erik Bindervoet, Fonds 21, Hajo Doorn, IRS Robotics, Jan Zoet, Jasper Kop, Martin Pot, Pieter Rogaar, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam, Rita Vilhena, Seppe Brouckaert, Siemen van der Werf, Studio RAP, Universiteit Hasselt.

Played Venues

Theater Rotterdam, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Het Nationale Theater