URLAND doet alsof

Performance collective URLAND is going back into the studio in April and May! URLAND doet dingen and URLAND doet alsof. Number 5 and 6 in the ‘URLAND doet’ (Urland acts) series.

‘URLAND doet’ is a playful series with anti-theatrical, anarchist experiments. An ode to that which is unfinished, the imperfect, the sketch. Not the completeness of finished theater, but the rawness of the working studio. No tour, but exclusively in Rotterdam. URLAND acts, because according to the collective, the answer to an issue often lies in the doing. The spectator becomes a participant and accomplice in a performance that may or may not be made. Together we grope in the dark.

One theme, three weeks of working, four evenings of performance. No words but deeds.


Concept URLAND
By and with Jimi Zoet, Marijn Alexander de Jong, Thomas Dudkiewicz en Ludwig Bindervoet
Dramaturgy Florian Hellwig
Costumes Esmee Thomassen
Technicians Denzo Theatertechniek (André Goos) & Ruud Lamers
Production Leader Andrea van Bussel and Elise de Fooij
Graphic Design Ruben Verkuylen
Photography Sandra Zegarra Patow
Public Relations Esra J. Merkel & Pien Visser
Business Management Martha van Meegen

Played Venues

TR William Boothlaan