De Internet Trilogie – the book

Published by URLAND – an imprint of Karaat Publishers, performance collective URLAND presents the book of their performance series De Internet Trilogie (The Internet Trilogy). The book is a compilation of three years of research into the phenomenon of the Internet. In the trilogy, URLAND makes a (hyper)link between the myth of Prometheus and the modern digital fire.

From 2014 t0 2016 URLAND worked at Productiehuis Rotterdam on the performances MS DOS/Prometheus geketend, EXPLORER/Prometheus ontketend (ism CREW/Eric Joris) and INTERNET OF THINGS/Prometheus de Vuurbrenger. The collective also did preliminary research and related presentations such as URLAND presenteert: 1 zoekresultaten, URLAND presents 4 Noble Truths in 49 slides and the game Evil Weblords II (in cooperation with Oneseconds).

In these three years, URLAND talked with scientists, hackers and philosophers about the most interesting development of the modern age. URLAND wants the book to show how theatricality is created in their rehearsal space, and how contemporary theater is related to a rapidly changing social reality. The collective wants to provide their own theatrical language with a new context and in the book, through different angles, highlight precisely what lies beneath the surface in a performance. Together with graphic designer Ruben Verkuylen URLAND created a visually stimulating publication, using Whatsapp conversations, sketches, selfies, poetry, interviews, and essays, balancing between mystery and transparency.

Ludwig Bindervoet: “The book is an analog monument (about the digital revolution), in which the reader is given an insight into the process of a performance collective. It is also a statement against the vanishing theater archive. You may be angry, but you can also take the helm.”

In the book on the Internet Trilogy, there are essays included by Florian Hellwig, multimedia artist/pioneer Eric Joris, and theater scholars Chiel Kattenbelt and Henk Havens. Hellwig writes from his view as dramaturge on the paradox as a driving force of the 3 shows. ” Joris looks back on the promise of the Internet in the 90s, and Kattenbelt and Havens talk about intermediality and ‘the intensification of the performative’ in the work of Urland.

ISBN 978-90-79770-42-7
232 pagina’s, € 49,99

The book is in Dutch!

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Concept & editing URLAND (Ludwig Bindervoet, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Marijn Alexander de Jong, Jimi Zoet)
Authors contributions Erik Bindervoet, Henk Havens, Florian Hellwig, Eric Joris, Chiel Kattenbelt, Marijn Lems en Jan Zoet
Translation Roderick de Vries & Thomas Dudkiewicz
Design Ruben Verkuylen
Product photography Janne van Gilst

Played Venues

Boeklancering 13 september 2019 - Theater Rotterdam