Het Gilgamesj Epos

Students from Artez Arnhem collaborate with students from School of the Arts Zurich. This exchange has had a start last year in Zurich, working together on a presentation in Switzerland. And now these students came to Arnhem to work together on a new presentation.

URLAND has coached the group, together with Artez graduate Cassandra Onck as their assistant, for two weeks of working together and presented their results in Theater aan de Rijn.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is the Biggest Story of the Great Stories. The first fiction. It is the oldest surviving story in the world and it originates in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq, Iran and Syria).

This epic tale bursts of poetry, musicality and powerful images. In the Epic of Gilgamesh dreams and demons play a central role. The text inspires Urland as a long, compelling spell of death.

Why do we sing?
What do we dream?
What are we afraid of?
And what does it mean exactly, that the cradle of our civilization, is now on fire?

16 students from Zurich and Arnhem, led by performance collective Urland, join forces to revive the oldest story.


Coaching URLAND
Coaching assistant Cassandra Onck
Performers Arnhem Esther de Haas, Márin Kroon, Britt van Tooren, Mauro Casarini, Ellen Havenaar, Jesse van der Wel, Hanneke van der Paard, Carina Vroome (beiden Toneelschool)
Performers Zürich Florian Lampert, Fynn Schmidt, Alexander Stutz, Lisa Schwabe, Julia Skof. Johannes Voges, Joel Kammermann, Aleksandra Davydova, Theresa Ihrler
Production Clare Dowling

Played Venues

Theater aan de Rijn