URLAND doet Ragnarok

Performance collective URLAND, together with the Dutch-Icelandic theatre maker Vincent van der Valk, makes an inexplicable yet appetizing mini-revue about the End-Time story from Norse mythology. The ‘Ragnarok’ is a flaming, cosmological, archetypal, bombastic, violent and as dark a story as it is hopeful. For all of those addicted to painkillers, for everyone looking for a story in these post-narrative and post-digital times, for all the over- and understimulated art consumers. The moment of truth. Thus URLAND blows the Gjallar horn: it’s showtime!

‘URLAND doet’ is a playful series with anti-theatrical experiments. They are naughty dreams, seen exclusively in the studio of TR William Boothlaan. In this series, URLAND gives their answer to the multiplicity and complexity of an absurd reality. Three weeks of work, one week of showing. Deeds, not words.


Concept URLAND
Cast Ludwig Bindervoet, Thomas Dudkiewicz, Marijn Alexander de Jong and Vincent van der Valk
Dramaturgy Florian Hellwig
Technique and coordination André Goos (Denzo Theatertechniek)
Sound technique Marcel Janssen
Production managers Andrea van Bussel and Elise de Fooij
Graphic design Ruben Verkuylen
Photo campaign image Sandra Zegarra Patow
Scene photography Julian Maiwald
Publicity and marketing Esra J. Merkel
Business director Jens Besse
Assistant business director Mara Liza de Bakker
Production URLAND
Coproduction Theater Rotterdam

Special thanks to

Kostuumatelier Theater Rotterdam (Erik Bosman and Karin van der Leeuw), Theater Artemis, Maarten van der Valk

Played Venues

TR William Boothlaan