Lilly [Thomas Dudkiewicz], is a young girl blessed with an extraordinary lineage. Her father, Max [Thomas Dudkiewicz] and her grandfather, George [Thomas Dudkiewicz] are both gifted storytellers. Every night, before bed, she gets to wander off into an unexplored universe created solely for her. When Bob [Thomas Dudkiewicz], Max’s boss, threatens to stop the creation of new stories, these generations combine their imaginations to create the final story. The one that lasts for ever.”

Urland sends forth Thomas Dudkiewicz to embody their next performance. Thomas Dudkiewicz is an artist who has delved further into the realm of films, games and books than anyone. His writing is inspired by literally every genre. His next piece, a coming of age radio play in theatre is one of many explorations to discover the power behind the narrative.





Titel URLAND presents: BEDTIME STORIES (2015)
Concept/spel Thomas Dudkiewicz
Geluids Jimi Zoet en Tomas Loos
vormgeving/l Marijn Alexander de Jong
Technical support Aram Visser
Productie Productiehuis Rotterdam
Schrijfcoach Joachim Robbrecht

Gespeeld in

  • Frascati Amsterdam
  • Frascati Theater, Amsterdam
  • Grand Theatre Groningen
  • Rotterdam Schouwburg, Krijn Boon Studio
  • StadSchouwburg Amsterdam
  • Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag
  • Theater Kikker Utrecht