EVIL WEBLORDS 2 in Duisburg at the European Media Art Festival 2017 / 29.04.2017

EVIL WEBLORDS II in Duisburg (Germany)

Elektronisch :: Visuell :: Installativ
What a Night with:

-Robert Lippok
-Colin Benders
-Magnetic and Coders
-Mario Schoo
-Evil Weblords II

Save the internet from its destruction.

Where Cyberspace used to represent freedom, equality and the right to privacy it has now become a capitalistic police state in which everyone, consciously or unconsciously, is being used and monitored by a handful of large corporations. In this not-so-serious game where theatre and gaming merge you wander through the virtual world of the internet anno 2016. It is up to you, together with three other Cyberheroes (internetcats) to save the Internet from its destruction!

Evil Weblords II is a collaboration between Dutch artist collectives oneseconds and URLAND. oneseconds creates interactive installations and social experiments that are a crossover between installation-art and experiential theatre. URLAND makes visual, musical and physical performances that confronts the audience with universal themes and questions.

Evil Weblords II is made possible through funding of Performing Arts Fund NL, Productiehuis Rotterdam, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Creative Industries Fund NL, VSBfonds.





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