Bedtime Stories

Oerol 2018


Een hypnotiserend live hoorspel van Thomas Dudkiewicz, een meesterverteller die complete werelden weet op te roepen met zijn stem.

Lilly (Thomas Dudkiewicz), is a young girl blessed with an extraordinary lineage. Her father, Max [Thomas Dudkiewicz] and her grandfather, George (Thomas Dudkiewicz) are both gifted storytellers. Every night, before bed, she gets to wander off into an unexplored universe created solely for her. Unforeseen events throw these three generations into a twirling journey through both universes. The final story. The one that lasts a lifetime.

Performance dates

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5/21/2019 19:30 The Baobabs order now
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Title Bedtime Stories (2018)
Thomas Dudkiewicz
Ludwig Bindervoet
Jimi Zoet and Tomas Loos
Aram Visser
Marijn Alexander de Jong
Sarah Steeman
Ruben Verkuylen

Special Thanks

Productiehuis Theater Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam en Fonds Podiumskunsten.

Performed at

  • Bos LU plak
  • Oerol 2018